Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm So Festive.......

I've told you about our Christmas trees. Let me show you one of our other holiday decorations.

There....Do you see it?

How about now? Still nothing? One more try....

Oh, I see the problem. It's not there. You want to know why it's not there. That's because it is here................

.........Laying half way down the roof.

I'm a professional engineer. I know about such things as "center of gravity" and "wind loads". I built this sign. The outline of the arrow lights up green. The text is lit with red lights and the "Free" blinks. It's heavy and most of the weight is at the bottom. It straddles the peak of the roof with two foot long leg on each side. But every time the wind blows, it flops down the roof. Always to this side (that must say something about the weather patterns of this area (makes me wonder about the large maple tree on the other side of the house too (how many parentheses can I use in one sentence))). As a time saver, I just leave the ladder out to ease the burden. I have to re-enact that scene from the Grinch (the part where he tries to keep the sled from going over the edge, start at 6:30 here)at least a half dozen times, during the Christmas season.

Sometimes when it does a half gainer, it will flip over and break out some of the bulbs. Now I have to sit on the peak (usually in the cold and dark) and pry those tiny bulbs out of their sockets. Last year I had a short and had to wire in a new socket, using only my swiss army knife and a roll of electrical tape.

I hate that sign, but it is a labor of love. The kids love it, so I predict it will be around until Santa Clause fades from our household.

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