Monday, December 8, 2008

I know the solution!!!!!

I just read an artical on the US's most healthy and unhealthy states. Mississippi ranked 49. You can see the details here. Obesity rate 50%...How tragic.... Not the rate, but that I'm one of them.

A few years ago (okay, 4 years ago), I did a triathlon. I did duathlons. I road a metric century (62 miles). I was hard core. Maybe not so hard, more like moon pie hard. But I was in pretty good shape (I was slow as molasses). But by the standards we are judged by, I was still obese.

Now fast forward a few years. I have road (on or off road) my bike in a couple months. I was averaging a ride every 4 or 5 weeks. I have blossomed. That's a term we use in the deep south to describe a lady with child. I am still setting personal records, but now I'm not bragging on them.

I know what the problem is though. Sweet tea. Lewis Grizzard said never drink sweet tea in a state that doesn't have an SEC team in it. Mississippi has two teams. Tea so sweet that if you stir it with a spoon, the spoon will stand up by itself.

Sure Napa Valley is probably ground zero for sommeliers. You can find tea experts (read snobs) here. Nobody makes tea better than ___________(insert, mother, grandmother, etc.) Apon attending a family reunion my wife and her parents won't drink anybody's tea except Granny's.

Have I convinced you yet? Let's look at the other SEC schools and where their state ranks.

Alabama 40
Arkansas 43
Georgia 41
Tennessee 47
Florida 45
Kentucky 37
South Carolina 48
Louisiana 50

Maybe I'm wrong....Maybe the problem is states that have strong college football teams. The stronger the football traditions the worse health they have. That would explain Kentucky ranking the highest of all the SEC states.

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